Star Development Corp.
About Us
Timothy D. Harris

President and Sole Shareholder

Tim Harris is a career entrepreneur and began investing in real estate in his late teens. As a lifelong resident of Clay County, he was intimately familiar with the Kansas City northland area and recognized the potential for growth in and around Kansas City’s surrounding communities. He foresaw an abundance of opportunities existing in real estate development, particularly north of the river, and in the early 1980′s began developing residential subdivisions and building single family homes. His early successes in residential real estate ventures enabled him to continue pursuing larger scale projects. While he continued developing residential subdivisions with great success, he began to focus some of his energy on rehabilitating second generation commercial properties to revive their income producing potential. Renovating and selling commercial properties from time to time helped produce the capital necessary to support his operations but his primary objective in his early commercial real estate ventures was to rehabilitate, retain and lease as many properties as possible.

By the early 1990′s he had a diversified portfolio of residential developments and income producing commercial properties. Now with a solid income stream and nearly a decade of experience under his belt, he began developing new retail shopping centers and acquiring raw lands in strategic locations that he believed would one day become prime residential and commercial development sites; by the early 1990′s Tim had become a well-recognized and respected developer in the Kansas City real estate market. In just over a decade he built his business from the ground up and in 1993 he established Star Development Corporation as the flagship company of his ever expanding real estate enterprise. Since the company’s inception Star Development Corporation and its affiliate companies and partnerships have secured entitlements to initiate and/or developed over thirty residential subdivisions, rehabilitated numerous commercial and industrial properties, constructed many new retail and office buildings and developed several prominent new commercial shopping centers in the area. Much of the company’s success over the years is directly attributable to Tim’s philosophy of retaining income producing properties for long term investments as well as his foresight in selecting and acquiring future development grounds which have materialized as he anticipated.

Star Development Corporation now primarily focuses on retail commercial development but sees opportunities on the horizon with the recovering residential market. Star Development Corporation continues to actively develop new retail shopping centers and currently owns and operates over 30 commercial properties consisting of over a million square feet of commercial retail, office, warehouse and industrial space. The company has a few phases of existing residential developments to complete as the market demands and also currently owns and maintains well over 1,300 acres of future development ground. After nearly 30 years in the business, Tim is still passionate about his work and continues to actively pursue new real estate ventures.